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My Thoughts on the new Associate Supreme Court Justice and Evil Mitch

  Amy Barrett

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I’m writing this a week before the Presidential election. I was planning to ponder what the future might hold with a Democratic President, Senate and House of Representatives. I’ll get to that soon in my next commentary, but first I need to vent about Amy Coney Barrett who was just sworn in tonight as the ninth Supreme Court justice in a politicized ceremony at the White House. So much for separation of powers. I apologize in advance for my rant, but this is one of the perks of writing a commentary.

I’m actually feeling sort of sorry for her right now. I’ve put aside my rage about Merrick Garland who should be a Supreme Court Justice today were it not for the vile Mitch McConnell. Garland was nominated by President Barrack Obama on March 16 of 2016, ten months before the Presidential election. Dozens of forthright Republican Senators passionately called for letting the people choose the next president who would nominate the judge for the highest court. Earlier tonight I saw four-year-old videos of eight of those who voted earlier today to NOT let the winner of the election (a week away) choose who should be the nominee. What hypocrisy. Raw power, when combined with disdain for the spirit of the United States Constitution is unpatriotic. I was so furious that I got out of bed at 10 PM to start writing this.

Back to Justice Barrett. I feel sorry for her because she was used as a pawn by the current (and hopefully soon to be ex-President) and the same Mitch McConnell who prevented Merrick Garland from even having a hearing. Justice Barrett will never know if she could have been confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice on her own merits. For decades to come her vote will count the same as any other justice’s vote, but she will always have the stigma of illegitimacy due to this process. She is being set up to be the deciding vote on overturning Obamacare and stripping twenty-million Americans of their health insurance in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. She will be personally blamed as the woman who overturned Roe vs. Wade. She could even, God forbid, be the vote that makes Donald Trump the president again for the next four years—even if he loses popular vote by ten million votes and lose the Electoral College. It is possible.

She could become the most hated woman in the United States of America. I feel sorry for her tonight, but I probably won’t tomorrow.

I’ll stop here, calm down, and then start writing the commentary this was intended to be.
Bob Dreizler

Bob Dreizler