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Bob’s Website Commentaries
(All commentaries from June, 2010 to the present are posted in the Commentaries page.
I’ve included all of them so you can read what I was saying in the past)


Update: July 28, 2010 Bob’s College Contract
Update: March 8, 2010 Malaise
Update: November 13, 2009 Magic Numbers
Update: September 10, 2009 Amazing Last Twelve Months
Update: July 26, 2009 Second Quarter Returns and What May Come Next
Update: May 26, 2009 How Quickly Attitudes Change
Update: April 20, 2009 It’s time to Open Your Investment Statements
Update: March 2, 2009 Stock Market Sale 50% Off
Update: December 23, 2008 Where’s the Bottom
Update: November 13, 2008 Opportunities in a Declining Stock Market
Update: October 15, 2008 Everything You Know is Wrong
Update: September 19, 2008 Bankers Gone Wild
Update: July 15, 2008 Is the economy really different this time?
Update: March 19, 2008 Are We in a Recession?
Update: January 7, 2008 Sustainable Investing Receives Mainstream Acceptance
Update: October 19, 2007 Twentieth Anniversary of “Black Monday.”
Update: July 12, 2007 S&P 500 Nears All-Time High!!!
Update: May 16, 2007 Economic Indicators and the Stock Market
Update: January 11, 2007 A Surprisingly Good Year for Stocks
Update: October 16, 2006 The Economy Is Doing Great, Isn’t It?
Update: July 26, 2006 Where did the robust economy go?
Update: May 15, 2006 Save The Internet, Save Local Access Cable Tv
Update: January 13, 2006 The Inflation Trap (R. Kevin O’Keefe)
Update: November 17, 2005 Oil and Alternative Energy
Update: August 22, 2005 Is Now a Good Time to Invest?
Update: June 15, 2005 Oil and the Casablanca Mentality
Update: April 20, 2005 Dow Nears 10,000
Update: January 05, 2005 American Foreign Policy Impact
Selected Prior Newsletters
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November 2008 (560kb PDF) President Barack Obama, How Cool, I Hope
June 2008 (1.01Mb PDF) Is War Good for the Economy? Revisited
January 2008 (510kb PDF) Water: The Next Oil
September 2007 (486kb PDF) Russian Trip 2007
June 2007 (243kb PDF) Who Is The Fiscal Conservative: Reagan or Clinton?
September 2006 (345kb PDF) 9/11: Five Years Later…
May 2006 (494kb PDF) Is George W. the Worst President Ever
February 2006 (519kb PDF) Thank You, Internet. Dissent and Patriotism
November 2005 (520kb PDF) Starving the Beast, Credit Reports
August 2005 (540kb PDF) The Fifth of July: Thoughts on Pride and Patriotism
July 2005 (657kb PDF) Changing the Conversation, Visiting the WTC Site
April 2005 (300kb PDF) Bush Critiques from the Hot Tubs, Mother’s Day
January 2005 (183kb PDF) Ten Things to Do During the Next Four Years of Bush
Summer 2004 (50kb PDF) Should You Stop Maximizing Your Retirement Plan Contributions?
Spring 2003 (59kb PDF) Is War Really Good for the Economy?, How Much is a Trillion Dollars?