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My Thoughts on the COVID-19 Stock Market #3

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Note: This commentary has been delayed because I need to receive compliance approval before I can send it. I will send my stock market/economy/whatever thoughts more frequently during the next few months.
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“The Thing”

On September 11, 2001, Bella and I were in Tucson. We were in the midst of a month-long road trip thru the Southwest in our faded maroon VW bus. After the attack, we checked on our kids in Sacramento and Chile, then decided to continue our trip.

A week later we stopped at a restaurant in Moab for a rare dinner outside the bus. I ordered a glass of the Napa Pinot Noir. When the waitress returned to our table she apologized, “We haven’t received our wine shipment from California since (long pause) The Thing.”

“9/11” hadn’t been named yet. It was still hard to talk about it with strangers. It took a long time until life seemed to return to “normal” and in some ways and for some people, life never became normal again.

We know the date that 9/11 started, but it didn’t have an end date. The vividness and raw emotions faded. After we gave that tragedy a name, it became history. Life seemed safer, less depressing. As emotions faded, that era became more defined. We were able to put “The Thing” into a package, put it on a shelf and remember it rather than be in it.

Now we are in the midst of another “thing.” What will it be called? CV19. The 2020 Pandemic. How bad will it get? When will it fade away and become more past than present?

Despite the urgings of our divisive President to forget about this and get back to business, we won’t forget this time in our life. We shouldn’t.

For now, I’m just yearning to hug my grandkids again, just like I used to. Please stay safe and healthy.

Bob Dreizler

Bob Dreizler