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It’s been four months since I sent out my last commentary, and I’m mildly concerned.  I started writing a four-page paper newsletter in 1994.  Fourteen years and forty- five issues later, I switched to a shorter commentary that I email and post to my website.  Many of these are still in the Commentaries and Archives section of my website:

Why I haven’t written lately?  I have lots of good reasons:

Semi-Retirement:  I declared this new phase of my career in Bob’s Quarterly Update in 2004.  I’m still working, but gradually take more time off each year.

Turning 70:  This milestone should be an adequate reason to not feel guilty about writing commentaries or anything else, but I like ranting to a crowd, and love it when I get feedback.

The stock market and economy seem fine:  The one thing that motivates me to write with urgency is when I think my clients are worried or scared about the volatility of their investments. Despite having a deranged president, the stock market seems not to care that much.

Preaching to the Choir: I don’t expect to change any minds with my thoughtful analysis since I doubt if there are more than two people on my mailing list who voted for Mr. Trump.


One issue that has not been a factor is lack of topics to write about.  Here are some commentaries I considered, but never started:

  • Unemployment & Stock Market Trends (Comparing Trump, Obama and Bush II)
  • Worst President Ever (Personal Enrichment/Emoluments Clause version)
  • Worst President Ever (Tariffs version)
  • Middle East Map – Geography Quiz
  • Worst President Ever (Defiling the US Constitution version)
  • Worst President Ever (Pardons version)
  • Worst President Ever (Sex Scandal version)
  • Faux News
  • Worst President Ever (Pissing off Loyal Allies while Embracing Tyrants version)
  • Worst President Ever (Voter Suppression version)
  • Are Dogs Taking Over Sacramento?
  • Worst President Ever (Bogus Patriotism version)
  • Gutless Congressional Republicans
  • Worst President Ever (Scott Pruitt is still running the EPA version)
  • And, of course, Worst President Ever (Collusion with Russia in the 2016 Presidential Election version)

So, I guess this counts as a commentary.  I can be guilt-free for a few more months, but maybe this is what I needed to kick-start myself again.  Thanks for reading.

Bob Dreizler

Bob Dreizler