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Bob’s Quarterly Update Moves On

I’ve always loved newsletters: reading, writing and producing them. My last newsletter, Bob’s Quarterly Update (BQU), ran from Spring 1994 through November 2008. Forty five issues.

I wrote my final newsletter (see website archives) shortly after President Obama was inaugurated. I hadn’t planned for it to be the last issue, but my desire to write waned as my Bush-inspired rage was replaced by Obama-inspired disappointment. My loss of hope coincided with the dramas of the stock market and economy which demanded more of my attention. Consequently, issue #46 was never hatched.

During the last eighteen months, I’ve often updated my website commentaries, but never notified anyone. My past stock market/economy commentaries are posted on my website if you want to know what I was thinking during the last several years.

I hope to provide more frequent and timely communications with clients, friends and others. Indirect contact like this is intended to supplement, not replace direct communications, so never hesitate to call me if you wish to talk.

I hope my periodic commentaries will accomplish the following objectives:

• Provide timely stock market/economic commentaries, political rants, and photo/art show notifications when important developments arise.

• Notify you of in-depth commentaries on my website or important articles available on the Internet.

• Reduce paper consumption. As much as I liked paper copies of BQU, this used lots of paper and it was expensive to print and mail. I’ll notify you via email when I’ve updated my website. You can ask to be removed from this list anytime.

• Inform you when I have an upcoming photo or art show. I’ll be posting a new photo to this page every week. You can always see over 200 of my photos and artworks by clicking the main photo on my website.

• Finally, and most importantly, if you’ve read this far, please give me some feedback on what you’d like to see or read. I look forward to hearing from you. Call me at 916-444-2233 or email me at

Bob Dreizler

Bob Dreizler